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  • No sale in honor of Memorial Day

    Every Memorial Day we see it. Big sales on every single item under the sun. Save on buying a car, get a discount on jewelry, buy one pair of sandals and get one free, rose bushes 30% off. Many of us wait to make our big purchases until Memorial Day when we know prices will be at their lowest. Not true of my web design […]

  • Don’t Choose Your Website from the Dollar Menu

    Ok. We all have that guilty craving for a double cheeseburger or a seven layer burrito. We push aside the obvious reasons NOT to run to the nearest fast food place and instead we proceed forthwith, stuffing ourselves with greasy goodness (We’ll probably regret it later and promise ourselves never to do it again). How much different is it to go to a high quality, […]

  • 3 Things You Should Know About Websites

    I often talk to business owners who don’t want to pay for a website because they have a 13 year old nephew willing to do it for free. When I see what they end up with, my belief in the importance of web standards is reaffirmed. Web standards means organizing a site so it’s easy of use, testing it across multiple browsers so it looks […]

  • 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Logo

    #1 – Appear large and well-established. A good logo will make you look like a serious business. If you substitute clip-art for a logo and print your business cards on your home computer, you will find that customers expect to pay you a less than what you would like. #2 – Make your business more saleable. You may want to sell the company and retire […]